Commercial Strength


Commercial duty multi gym to gives you 4 weight stacks and 4 stations.  Meaning 4 people can use it at the same time. Specs here:


Heavy duty commercial functional trainer in a compact space  Specs here:



Heavy Duty commercial slant bench for sit ups and deline workouts.  Specs here:

Batca FZ-6 F.I.D. Bench

Heavy Duty Traditional Decline Incline Bench.   

Specs here:

Batca FZ-7 Dumbbell Rack

Commercial Dumbbell Rack 3 teir Compact Design Very Heavy Duty

Specs Here: http:

Batca FZ-8 Hyper Extension

Compact Heavy Duty Overhead Press and low row. Silky Smooth

Specs Here:

Batca FZ-10 Situp Ab

Ultimate Heavy Duty Abdominal sit-up Bench  Very Nice  Specs Here:

Batca Link Smith Trainer

Super Nice, Heavy Duty Smith Machine

Specs Here:

Batca Free Link Functional Trainer

Wow This is Nice, Full commercial Very Heavy duty  Full Specs Here:

Batca FZ-9 VKR Dip

Can You Say Wow, Super Nice Heavy Duty Commercial VKR-Dip 

Specs Here:

Batca Selectorized Strength Machines

Batca LD-1 Chest/Peck Fly

Commercial Compact Dual Function Selectorized Machine.  Very Nice..Butter Smooth

Specs Here:

Batca LD-2 Mid Row/ Lat Pull

 Commercial Compact Dual Function Selectorized Machine.  Very Nice..Butter Smooth 

Specs Here:

Batca LD-3 Leg Press Calf Raise

Heavy Duty Super Smooth Commercial Leg Press  Very Cool Specs Here:

Batca LD-4 Leg Ext, Seated Leg Curl

Very comfortable Leg Extension, Leg Curl in a Heavy Duty Compact Commercial package

Specs Here:

Batca LD-5 Ab Crunch Back Extension

Compact Commercial Ab and Back Machine. Very comfortable an smooth.

Specs Here:

Batca LD-6 Shoulder Press / Low Pully

Compact silky Smooth Overhead Press and Low Pully

Specs Here:

Batca LD-7 Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension

Wow, This is a Very Smooth Commercial Dual Function Bi/Tri Machine.  Very Cool

Specs Here:

Batca LD-8 Inner Outer Thigh

Compact, Comfortable Hip Addauction and Abduction Machine.  Great for Leg Strength and Shaping.

Specs Here:

Batca LD-9 Weight Assisted Chin/Dip

Chin Ups and Pull Ups Are the Hardest.  This Machine Makes Them Easy. Supe Smooth and Heavy Duty Commercial Machine.

Specs Here:

Batca Omega 2 Commercial Multi Gym

Very Nice Heavy Duty Commercial Multi Gym for Smaller Facilities. Multiple Exercise in a compact Sapce.

Specs Here:

Batca Omega 4 Multi Gym

4 Stacks .  4 People Can Use at the Same Time.  Compact for a Smaller Facility but Extremly Versatile.

Specs Here:

Fusion 4 Modualar Gym System

The Ultimate Commercial Multi Functional Trainer.  Very Cool With Lots of Options.

Specs Here: